#16. RK Gold

It’s becoming a trend that we find ourselves really liking the people that we sit down and talk to. This interview is no different. His bio states: “R.K. Gold is an internationally published poet and novelist from Buffalo, NY. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Literature and has appeared in over a dozen publications since he began seriously pursuing writing in January 2014.” He is also a pretty funny dude, who cares a lot about Buffalo.

Who is RK Gold?

“I’ve been writing since I was a kid. I remember writing short stories at my grandmother’s house when she would pick me up after school. It wasn’t until my senior year in college that I realized that it’s something that I always loved and I needed to take more seriously. That’s when I actually started writing full time, and trying to publish. I Googled everything that I could find about how I can start getting my work out there. I Googled every step that I needed to take in order to build up my resume so that I could stand out as a legitimate writer. I finished my first book, a crime novel, in March of 2014. It’s one of my favorites that I have written, but I am scared to do anything with it because it’s my first book and I don’t want to let go of it, I just keep editing it.”

RK Gold Yeah Buffalo Interview
RK Gold Yeah Buffalo Interview
“Once you start treating novel writing as a routine and actually include it in your everyday life, like you would working out, or anything else that is important to you, it’s something that you can actually do, and accomplish and see results. I started focusing on my second book, in addition to writing short stories. I started submitting my work to journals and databases and my name started to get out there. With the daily writing routine, in the past year and a half, I’ve knocked out 7 novels, 2 completed. Also, I completed a collection of short stories called The Little Black Book, which came out back in January. That’s been my crowning achievement at this point. It broke the top 10 on Kindle and opened the door to me talking to some more publishing houses, presses and agents. The book sold. It made me happy and I kept writing and talking to my publisher, Weasel Press who bought my recent novel, Just Under the Sky which is a short little novella. They also recently purchased a second book of mine, which is currently untitled.”
RK Gold Yeah Buffalo Interview
RK Gold Yeah Buffalo Interview

What brought you back to Buffalo?

“I moved back in November of 2014 from Bozeman, Montana. I’ve always been really optimistic about the city. I heard that there were a lot of changes going on in Buffalo. It was really nice to see measurable results, not just talk about it. There is the expansion of the medical campus, improvement and expansion of neighborhoods like on the west side, Silo City, Canalside, Riverworks. The only way to be bored here is if you’re trying to be bored. It gives you a big city feel, but it’s not overwhelming. You can still find where you fit, and people who fit your personality, and you can do it relatively easily. Buffalo is the one place that I have been where pretty much everyone wants to help everyone else and make the city a great place to be. There’s just so much pride here. There is also so much ambition here. In less than a year, I’ve spoken to at least 5 people who started their own business. We have 43 North which is bringing in tons of entrepreneurs, and we’re getting some national headlines. It seems like nature even knows that Buffalo is changing. I always remember gray and overcast days here, but now I just see sun and blue skies.”

How did you get noticed as a writer?

“When I first started to get noticed, people would message me on Twitter, asking me about the publishing process. I wouldn’t know the answer so I would Google it, and give them the answer. I added a blog section to my website and decided to write it all down on there so that others could find it easily. I also took part in a one week book challenge with the point of writing 50,000 words in a month. I was way too impatient to do that, so decided that I wanted to do 50,000 words in a week. I decided to blog about it daily and record a YouTube video to accompany it. At the very least, it would be really funny to see what I looked like (being sleep deprived) after the seventh day. That really hyped up traffic to my site. I titled the posts “write a novel in one week” and it got a lot of traffic. I also have a few worksheets on my site to help people with writing. I have a character worksheet to help you develop a character. I also have prompts on my site to help people with writer’s block.”

Any advice for people trying to get noticed?

“I’ve discovered that the best way to get yourself and your message out there is to genuinely support other people. If people see that you are being genuine, they will occasionally throw a bone your way, and it’s really kind of them. Basically, just make friends.”

What would you tell a younger version of yourself?

“Make routines out of things you are passionate about, not just hobbies. If you can find an hour a day to work out, you should be able to find an hour a day to write. And an hour a day to read. That, and don’t date several of the ex’s that you think are good ideas. And by several, I mean all! I think that dating and relationships are great if you find someone that genuinely supports you. But I also think that if you are young and ambitious and the person doesn’t support you and is taking time away from what you are trying to do, they are probably not worth being with. I look back and find that so many of my relationships got in the way of what I was trying to do. I found myself only supporting them, and putting the things that I am passionate about on hold to help them with something that they weren’t really that passionate about. Speaking of relationships, I actually started a literary journal called The Tinder Diaries. I asked the the Twitterverse and Facebookverse to send me their worst Tinder stories. These things are hysterical!”

Any predictions or goals?

“I really want to find an agent that I mesh with and sign with an actual agent. That’s the major stepping stone to get into larger publishing houses. I’d like to be on the New York Times Bestsellers list. I really want to get to the point where I can fully give back to the city. I volunteer twice a week and the Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology and want to do more. I know that if I keep writing the way that I am writing, I’m going to make a living from it. But I want to do more than that.”

RK Gold Yeah Buffalo Interview
RK Gold Yeah Buffalo Interview
We continued talking for about 30 minutes more about RK’s love for WWE wrestling, our dislike of the sounds of our own voices, and how Buffalo is a great place for someone who wants to get started with making their passion into their career. I invite you to connect with him on Twitter. He is pretty active (and entertaining) on there.



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