People, Places & Things in Buffalo

Part of our original plan for the Yeah! Buffalo project included sharing random goodness and grit (in the form of people, places and things) as we found it, in conjunction with the weekly interviews. To finally kick that into gear, we're starting a hashtag series project, which serves as a way to catalog the (super-ridiculous-amount-of) images we have taken. The other goals of this are to add variety to our posts, portray more of Buffalo's details, and push the photography and blog into new adventures.

To keep it simple, we'll use: #peoplebuf #placesbuf and #thingsbuf. As we go, subcategories will naturally come along (think #skylinebuf #sunsetbuf #coffeebuf #beerbuf #bikebuf #foodbuf) . We're excited to share what we've captured but haven't had a space for yet. And to continue exploring more deeply into what really makes this city.

Also! Use the hashtags for your own people, places and things BUF finds, too. It'll be a fun way to explore the categories from fellow instagrammers' perspectives.