Gaia B Amman

Back in July, we had the opportunity to see Gaia speak on “Love” at the CreativeMornings event at the Colored Musician’s Club. If you were there, you would have heard a little bit about the story that has lead her to become a molecular biologist, and now an author of 4 books. In true Yeah! Buffalo fashion, we wanted to know a little more. Gaia’s 4th novel is being released this month and you’re all invited to the launch party this Saturday (more info on that here).

Gaia B Amman Book Launch

About Gaia

“I was born and raised in Northern Italy. As an introvert, I grew up writing as a form of venting, making sense of my emotions (so many emotions!) without having to talk about it.”

“Today I am a writer, but if I had done it right from the beginning, I would have nothing to write about.”

“My life is a collection of one-hundred-and-fifty-five mistakes. I ultimately found happiness, personally and professionally, but I came to realize that happiness is not something that falls in your lap, a fruit ready for the plucking if you’re lucky enough to find it. Happiness is not another person lifting you out of your misery. Happiness required me to go through those one-hundred-and-fifty-five mistakes.”

“I speak four languages because I specialized in foreign cultures before turning to genetic engineering. Mid-way through my degree I realized that biotechnology (genetic engineering) did not quite align with my own ethics and beliefs, and so I turned to cancer research, then to teaching. I messed up personal relationships in every possible way, before finally getting it right.”

“Were those one-hundred-and-fifty-five choices really wrong? They made me the person I am today, they were the hard-to-conquer steps to get to that much coveted happiness: something I worked really hard for.”

“The biggest lesson I learned is that to be happy we have to be vulnerable, to allow ourselves to be our own weird selves, accept our mistakes and wear them like a gorgeous tux.”

“So I did.”


“That’s how my books came to be. I wrote a fictionalized version of my life, pouring into it all the humor that allowed me to survive through divorce (of my parents and my own), eating disorders, self-cutting and deprecating (oh, those lovely teen years…), loneliness, and abuse (personal and professional).”

“To quote Leda Balni, my main character: “The truth is that the more I hurt, the less I’m afraid, because time after time I f***king survive.”

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“As an avid reader, I just could not take another cheesy romance, fated soulmates, chosen ones, and perfect heroes. I wrote the books I wanted to read, books you can never put down, books that entertain and teach something, where life kicks you in the butt and the characters nonetheless pull through (or not *Sheds a heartfelt tear*.)”

Gaia’s 4th novel is being released this month and you’re all invited to the launch party this Saturday.
more info on event
“My books speak of gorgeous Italy and its exotic culture (much stranger than many of you might think) but also of the grittiness of life. For example, the so-called “first time” was NOT AMAZING for most of us, was it? Then why is it always incredible in movies and books? Or…being a woman in science is HARD! I have been: verbally abused too many times to count, blackmailed, demeaned, asked to have sex in order to 1-publish a paper, 2-get my green card. I could go on forever, but you might as well just read the books ;)”

Where do you find your inspiration? Is there anything about Buffalo that inspires you?

“The people. Oh, the Buffalonians! One of my favorite themes is diversity. From a biological standpoint, diversity is fundamental for the survival of the species. If we were all the same, one threat might wipe us off the face of the Earth, but because we all have slightly different biologies, reactions, and thought processes, there’s a good chance someone will survive.”

“I love to understand people who are different from me, see things from their perspective. I love to hear about the challenges they faced and how they overcame them or still drag them around like very heavy shadows.


Your go-to words of encouragement

“Take responsibility for your own happiness. It’s nobody else’s job but yours.”

“Two quotes that motivated me through the last ten years:”

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” –Niebuhr
“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them become what they are capable of becoming.” –Goethe

What would you tell a younger version of yourself?

“How young? Because probably I wouldn’t listen 😉 ‘Enjoy those one-hundred-and-fifty-five mistakes, and learn as much as you can from them.'”


Favorite Buffalo stuff

  • Coffee Shops: Tipico! I love their avocado toast and the iced-coconut latte they made in the summer! I also very much love the Bread Hive café, lovely and YUM! Let’s not forget Grindhaus, a true heaven for vegetarians like myself <3
  • Music: Nietzsche is a favorite for local live music
  • Restaurants: Merge always and forever <3
  • Landscapes: Sunsets at Wilkeson Pointe and from the break wall wall at Broderick Park
  • Health & Fitness: Buffalo Niagara Rock Climbing Center, yeah!
  • Events: I really enjoyed the Art Chase organized by the Allentown Association with the help of Kelly Atkinson last summer
  • Handmade goods: Butterblock pastries…mmmmm…and Cone Pottery Five jewelry
  • Shops: Lexington Coop, The Allen Dress Shop, Cone Pottery Five
  • Anything else I want to share? Love and hugs. Just in case you needed some 😉

Anything else?

“The fourth and last installment of my book series, “The Italian Saga” will be released in November! Everyone is welcome to join the book launch party on November 12, 2016, at Resurgence Brewing Company, from 6-8 pm. Best happy hour ever! Sassy chats, laughs, and beer specials with any of my books! Audiobook giveaways. Bring your own books or buy them on the spot for signing. You can buy my books anytime at Talking Leaves (both locations) or on Amazon or Barnes & Noble (online if the stores are out, but the one on Niagara Falls Boulevard normally carries several copies).”

Gaia B Amman Book Launch

Photo by Seth Amman

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