What is Yeah! Buffalo?


Yeah! Buffalo
is all about the local goodness and grit in and around our queen city. It is a space dedicated to promoting small businesses and encouraging the people in our community who make them run. When we get to know someone’s story, we want them to succeed even more. We really, really like to see others succeed. When they do well, Buffalo gets better. And when Buffalo gets better, we party!

Yeah! Buffalo.

Yeah! Buffalo is a Buffalo, New York blog featuring local goodness and grit! Well, what does that mean? And why is there a blog dedicated to it? We feel that Buffalo has a a lot of great people, places, projects and things that are being created by local people who really have a passion for what they do. We also feel that more people need to know about these people, businesses, projects and products.

Buffalo Blog - Yeah! Buffalo

Wikipedia defines the word grit as: “a positive, non-cognitive trait based on an individual’s passion for a particular long-term goal or endstate, coupled with a powerful motivation to achieve their respective objective. This perseverance of effort promotes the overcoming of obstacles or challenges that lie within a gritty individual’s path to accomplishment, and serves as a driving force in achievement realization.

We couldn’t think of a better term for the city of Buffalo, New York and its community. Buffalo is a city that has been through a lot. It is also a city that is working hard to bring itself back to the forefront of innovation and culture like it was early in the 20th century. This hard work is being done by the people of the Buffalo community that care about the city, and its people.

This is more than a website. It is a project.

The goals of this project are simple: Highlight and encourage the positive and passionate people and businesses in the Buffalo community who are working hard towards something that they truly care deeply about. These people are all working towards something that is helping Buffalo become a better place to live, work, play and grow. We will also be showing you some of the places and things that we discover that we just really enjoy.

people helping people

We also want those that we highlight on Yeah! Buffalo to become a resource to help those within the Buffalo, New York community bring their ideas and visions to life by providing mentoring, guidance and the resources needed to make it all happen. We want to help those that have the motivation, drive and zeal to make their community a better place.